About Us

A Family Business

In 1980, we started selling insurance at our Suzuki motorcycle dealership in Kingsville, TX. Throughout the years, our insurance business surpassed the motorcycle sales. In 1995, Tejas Auto Insurance Agency LLC was formed. Through hard work and dedication, we’ve set out to offer competitive and affordable insurance for our customers. The Asch family still owns and operates the agency today. As we’ve always had a passion for motorcycles and cars, we’ve grown and developed into offering multi-lines of insurance. Call today and compare!

Tejas Auto Insurance

Treating You the Way We Want to be Treated

All of us eat out, shop, and do business locally. We know how we like to be treated and we do our best to exceed your expectations when it comes to providing you the best customer service possible. Pay us a visit and experience the first class treatment you deserve.

Professional Agents

Here at Tejas Auto Insurance, we’re focused on quality insurance services. Everyone working in our offices is a licensed insurance agent. We have decades of experience and look forward to talking to you about your insurance needs. Now is the time to call us or come by one of our locations and let us compare what you have to what we have to offer.